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The permanent exhibition of the Epigraphical Museum

The decree proclaiming Aristagoras consul
Decree proclaiming Aristagoras consul

This stone stele has a typical consular decree of the Hellenistic period. It is crowned by a pediment, which is decorated with relief palmettes and rosettes. This decree was issued by the citizens of Kotyrta in Laconia in honour of the Spartan Aristagoras. It was found near the village Phoiniki, where the sanctuary of Apollo Hyperteleatas is thought to have been located. Aristagoras and his descendants are given the honorary office of consul of the people of Kotyrta in Sparta, the honourary role of benefactor, and the right to own property and graze their herds on the lands of Kotyrta. It also grants Aristagoras asylum in times of war or peace, so that no one can enslave him or confiscate his belongings. The inscription consists of twenty lines, whose carving becomes increasingly careless towards the end of the text.

Exhibit Features
Date: Hellenistic period, 2nd century BC
Place of discovery: Foiniki
Dimensions: length: 0,28 m, width: 0,28 m, height: 0,28 m
Material: Rosso antico
Inventory number: ΕΜ 12675
Exhibition hole: Hall VI
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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