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The Mycenaean Collection

Detail from the bull's capture. The bull is depicted trapped in a net.
Vapheio cups

These are two masterpieces of Creto-Mycenaean metalwork, found together with other precious objects in the Vapheio tholos tomb. One-handled cups with flaring straight sides are a common type of early Mycenaean cup. These gold examples bear remarkable repouss? decoration, which covers their entire surface. On the first cup a bull is captured by peaceful means: a man ties a rope around the bull's leg, while the animal mates with a cow; three grazing bulls complete the composition. The second cup shows one bull caught in a net while another attacks two hunters as a third hunter flees. Two simple bands at the cup's rim and base frame this scene. The compositions are naturalistic. Details were added to the repouss? figures by chasing with a sharp tool at the end of the manufacturing process. They were probably made by the same craftsman, although the first cup is more carefully executed.

Exhibit Features
Date: Late Bronze Age, First half of 15th c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Vafeios
Dimensions: height: 0,078 m, diameter: 0,106 - 0, 107 m
Material: Gold
Inventory number: 1758, 1759
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 4
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Cup 1758