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The Thera exhibition

The two boys are boxing probably during an initiation rite.
Wall-painting of the boxing children

The fresco adorned the south wall of a second-floor room in House B, where other frescoes were also uncovered. The painting depicts two boys with their heads shaved but for two long locks dangling at the back and two shorter ones above the forehead. They each wear a belt and have a boxing glove on their right hands. Their large exaggerated eyes are common in the Aegean frescoes of this period. Their bent knees, especially those of the boy to the right, add a sense of motion and liveliness to the composition. The boy to the left wears jewelry consisting of a necklace and two bracelets, one on the arm and the other around the ankle. The other boy is unadorned, probably in order to indicate his lower social status. This scene may depict the boys taking part in an initiation rite.

Exhibit Features
Date: Bronze Age, late Bronze Age, 16th c. B.C.
Place of discovery: Akrotiri
Dimensions: width: 0,94 m, height: 2,75 m
Inventory number: 1974 26β
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 48 (Thira)
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