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General external view of the museum
The Archaeological Museum of Amfissa showcases finds from Amfissa and other sites in the Prefecture of Phocis, dating from the Bronze Age to the Early Byzantine period, which illustrate fully the ancient history of region.

The museum is housed in a typical two-storey urban dwelling of the early twentieth century, one of the very few of its kind preserved in the city. The building, which had previously been used by the National Bank of Greece and as a police station, was ceded by the City of Amfissa to the Ministry of Culture in 1987. The museum has several exhibition rooms on two floors and a multi-purpose exhibition/lecture hall. There is a collection of inscriptions in the courtyard. A restored adjacent building houses a conservation laboratory.

The Archaeological Museum of Amfissa is overseen by the Tenth Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities. Although relatively new, it attracts a large number of visitors and contributes through its educational character and activities to the better understanding of local history.
A. Tsaroucha, archaeologist