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The byzantine castle of Servia is located in the west side of the mountain Pieria. Its position has a strategic importance and provided securith to the residents. The bishopric of Servia is mentioned in the end of 9th c.In the end of 10th c. the castle is occupied by the Tsar of Boulgary Samouil. In 1001, the castle is under the domination of Basilios II, while in 1204 of the Franks and in 1216 of Theodoros Doukas, the leader of the Despotate of Epirus. In 1230 Michael II Doukas occupied the castle and restored the walls. The next occupants of the castle are : in 1341 the Serbian Stefanos Dousan, in 1350 Ioannis Kantakouzinos, in 1393 the Sultan Cagiazit I. During the Turkish conquest, the byzantine citadel was abandoned, while the Lower Town is over-populated. The inhabitants were settled out of the walls and this is also confirmed by the Turkish traveller Evligia Tselempi who visited Servia in the middle of 17th c. In 1745 the bishopric is transferred fron Servia is abandoned but the churches were restored and redecorated.
Agathoniki Tsilipakou, archaeologist