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View of the megaron  
Megaron of the Neolithic period at Sesklo
The most impressive structure at Sesklo is the so-called 'megaron' (1-2-3-4-5-6) excavated by Christos Tsountas in the early twentieth century. Built in the Late Neolithic on the highest point of the hill, it was surrounded by circular stone enclosures separating it from the other houses of the settlement, which were smaller and simpler.
The building is orientated east-west and consists of a porch (1), a main chamber (2) and a back room (3). The entrance door is located on the west wall. The ...
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Three-dimensional reconstruction of the house  
House "of the Potter" at Sesklo
The so-called House of the Potter (11-12), one of the most interesting structures of the prehistoric settlement of Sesklo, is located on the top of the Kastraki hill, next to the 'megaron' (7-8-9). Its excavator, Chr. Tsountas, identified it as a potter's workshop, because of the large number of vases it contained when it was destroyed by fire. Two building phases were identified, both of the Middle Neolithic. During the first phase (Middle Neolithic IIIA, 5700-5400 BC) the building was a simple ...