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"Found underneath a tree root ..." Ancient Greek Coin Hoards in the Athens Numismatic Museum

(20 April - 31 December 2010)

The Athens Numismatic Museum organised a temporary exhibition entitled “Found underneath a tree root …” Ancient Greek Coin Hoards in the Athens Numismatic Museum”, for the period 20 April 2010 – 31 March 2011.

The exhibition aspired to convey the visitor from the mythology surrounding the ancient treasures to the richness of the ancient coin hoards kept at the Numismatic Museum. Emphasis was given on the conditions of their discovery, the causes behind their concealment as well as any information derived for their initial owners.

Ancient hoards, buried inside walls, beneath floors, inside caves, in secret locations or elsewhere, are connected with historical events, offer information on the phenomenon of savings and attest to matters of coin circulation in Greece.

Twenty-one ancient Greek coin hoards (5th – 1st cent. BC) from the Museum’s collections were on display in the exhibition. They contain 3,644 electrum, gold , silver, silver-plated and bronze coins. Two hoards from Epidaurus and Thebes, on loan from the IV and IX Ephorates of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities respectively, consisting of 549 coins and 498 pieces of gold jewellery, were also included in the presentation.

The exhibition has been made possible with the kind support of the Club Hotel Casino Loutraki.
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