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Laurion, Underground Routes

(August-September 2004)

Marianna Strapatsakiís video-installation "Laurion, Underground Routes".
Marianna Strapatsakiís video-installation Laurion, Underground Routes, inspired by the Laurion mines, was presented in the garden of the Numismatic Museum from August to September 2004. Explanatory banners with information on Laurion and its relation to the ancient Athenian coinage connected the function of the mines with a modern artistic interpretation.

Marianna Strapatsaki is one of the first Greek artists systematically involved with videoart since the early 1980s. She has presented video-installations in many private and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. The cultural past of Greece has been a source of inspiration for many works of her art, either as a visual apperception or as a historical course and a social process.