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The Metals Collection

Front, entire view of the bronze statue
Zeus or Poseidon of Artemision

This is one of the finest, but also one of the very few original bronze sculptures of the Classical period. The larger-than-life naked figure represents either Zeus or Poseidon in full stride. Despite its overall austerity, the figure conveys intense movement and the anatomy is beautifully rendered. The god has a thick beard and his long hair forms elegant curls around the forehead. The eyes, made in a different material (possibly glass or semi-precious stone), are missing. His left hand is outstretched while his raised right hand clutches a lighting bolt (Zeus) or trident (Poseidon). The sculpture, an exquisite example of the Severe Style, was executed by a very skilled artist, possibly the renowned sculptor Kalamis.

Exhibit Features
Date: ca. 460 B.C.
Place of discovery: Artemisio
Dimensions: height: 2,09 m
Material: Copper
Inventory number: Χ15161
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 15
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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