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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Side view of the statue
Statue of the princess and priestess Takushit

This perfectly preserved solid cast statue, made of a mixture of bronze and silver, is the only representation of the princess and priestess Takushit. Takushit was the daughter of Akanuasa, a ruler during the reign of the Pharaoh Pianhi. She is shown walking, her body shapely and full, her facial characteristics intense. She wears a long chiton, which emphasizes her figure and is covered with engraved motifs. These motifs, which are damascened with electrum (gold and silver alloy), are representations of deities from Lower Egypt and Hieroglyphic texts with prayers and dedications addressed to these deities. This statue was probably the priestess's funerary monument. Its only parallel is the statue of Karamama of the twenty-second Dynasty (924-887 BC) in the Louvre (inv. 500). It was donated by Ioannis Dimitriou.

Exhibit Features
Date: ca. 700 B.C.
Dimensions: height: 0,69 m
Material: silver, Copper, electrum
Inventory number: ΑΙΓ.110
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 40 (showcase XLVIII)
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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Other views
Back view of the statue