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The upper part of kouros with the cropped hair and the short intricate locks

This funerary statue is considered a landmark in the development of Greek sculpture, and is the last in the kouros (naked youths) series. It is preserved almost intact, along with its square base, inscribed with the deceased΄s name in the genetive form: Aristodiko(u) (of Aristodikos). It belongs to the developed type of kouros: the arms, no longer stuck to the sides, come forward; the hair is cropped and forms short intricated locks above the forehead and in the back; and, finally, the muscles are rendered no longer schematically, but in a plastic, almost naturalistic way. This piece is attributed to an Attic sculptor, who was familiar with and understood the structure of the body and the balance of its individual parts.

Inscription:   ΑΡΙΣΤΟΔΙΚΟΣ
Exhibit Features
Date: Archaic period, 500 B.C.
Place of discovery: Attica, Attica, Mesogeia
Dimensions: length: 0,72 m (base), height: 1,98 m, base height: 0,29 m
Material: parian marble
Inventory number: 3938
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 13
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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Other views
Back view of Aristodikos