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Permanent exhibition of the Archaeological Museum of Delphi

General view of the Daochos monument
The votive offering of Daochos

This sculptural group is one of the most important offerings made by a private person to the Delphic sanctuary of Apollo. According to the inscription on its base, the offering was commissioned by Daochos II of Pharsala, tetrach of Thessaly and hieromnemon (Sacred Recorder) of the Delphic Amphictyony between 339 and 334 BC. The offering consisted of nine statues on a long and narrow base. At the right end stood a statue of Apollo. Next to the god stood six statues of Daochos's ancestors starting with the genarch Aknonios, who presents his family to the god as follows: Agias, Telemachos, Agelaos, Daochos I, Sisyphos I, Daochos II himself, and his son, Sisyphos II. The inscription mentions the names and most important accomplishments of the family members. Of great value to art historians is the statue of Agias, great-grandfather of Daochos II and renowned athlete of the pankration in the 5th century BC, who was repeatedly victorious in all of the Panhellenic games. This group is attributed to the famed sculptor Lysippos or his school.

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Date: Classical period, 339 - 334 BC
Place of discovery: Delphi, Apollo sanctuary
Material: parian marble
Inventory number: 1360, 1921, 1875, 1183, 1827, 1922
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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Agias, from the Daochos monument