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The Vase and Minor Objects Collection

Main view of the amphora, where the prothesis of the deceased is depicted
The Dipylon amphora

This intact monumental funerary amphora is one of the masterpieces of Greek Geometric art. It is wheel-made with an ovoid body, tall cylindrical neck and small handles on the shoulder. The base has a hole for libations poured in honour of the deceased. The amphora is entirely covered with horizontal bands of geometric, animal and bird motifs. A rectangular panel on the shoulder depicts a funerary scene: the deceased is placed with a shroud on a bier surrounded by mourners with illustrative raised arms. The human and animal figures are treated in the stylized, simplified manner of Geometric art. The work is attributed to the Dipylon painter, named for this vase, which was a funerary monument in the Dipylon cemetery at Kerameikos.

Exhibit Features
Date: Early Historical Period, 755 B.C. - 750 B.C.
Place of discovery: Athens, Pireus St., Sapountsaki property
Dimensions: height: 1, 60 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: 804
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 49
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