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The Vase and Minor Objects Collection

Α large funerary stele crowned by a pediment with a palmette is depicted
White-ground lekythos by the Bosanquet painter

This is an exquisite example of Attic white-ground vase-painting of the mature Classical period. The white surface of the lekythos has a visit to a grave, a common scene for these funerary vases. In the middle, a large funerary stele crowned by a pediment with a palmette, stands on a stepped base with funerary gifts such as wreaths and vases. To the right, a woman carries a basket of wreaths. To the left, stands a young man clad in a himation and holding a spear, possibly the woman's deceased companion. The scene's profound melancholy is accentuated by the nobility of the figures and simplicity of the composition. This is a remarkable work by the Bosanquet painter, named for the archaeologist who first studied him.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 440 B.C.
Place of discovery: Eretria
Inventory number: 1935
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