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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Front view of the statue
Statue of the royal scribe Rahotep

This well-preserved statue is a representative work of the Old Kingdom. It portrays the royal scribe Rahotep sitting on a rounded base, in a strictly frontal position and in the typical attitude of a scribe: cross-legged with his left leg folded over the right and his hands resting on his kilt, although he does not hold the usual papyrus. He wears a long wig parted down the middle. This wig, his facial characteristics, namely his moustache, eyes and eyebrows, and the gap between his arms and torso are all accentuated with black paint. His belt and the outline of his feet are marked with red paint. The Hieroglyphic inscription on the base gives the scribe's name, status and title. The statue was donated by Ioannis Dimitriou.

Exhibit Features
Dimensions: height: 0,735 m
Inventory number: 11
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 40 (show-case XII)
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