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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Main view of the votive stele
Votive stele of the Pharaoh Tefnakht

This votive stele is crowned by a winged disk with two finials, a symbol of protection for the portrayed figures. Below this is a symmetrical sunken relief scene with three figures: the Pharaoh Shepsesre Tefnakht gives the Hieroglyphic symbol of the field (sht) to the god Atum, who stands to the pharaoh's left and wears the double crown of Upper and Lower Egypt, and the goddess Neith, who stands to the pharaoh's right. The servant of the temple, Iref-aa-Neith, is depicted at a smaller size between the pharaoh and each of the gods; he holds the instruments of his profession: a cloven stick for chasing away snakes and a broom. Below the scene is an engraved hieratic inscription in ten horizontal lines, which states that the Pharaoh Tefnakht donates ten aruri of land to the temple of Neith, mistress of Sais. The land will be tended by the servant of the temple's doors, Iref-aa-Neith, and his children. The stele was donated by Ioannis Dimitriou.

Exhibit Features
Dimensions: width: 0,40 m, height: 0,72 m
Material: limestone
Inventory number: 32
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 40 (showcase LII)
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