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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Side view of the statuette
Statuette of the Pharaoh Shabako

This is the most representative and the only complete representation among the rare representations of the Pharaoh Shabako. It is solid and well preserved. The Nubian pharaoh kneels in prayer and offers a votive, now missing, in his outstretched arms to a deity. He wears a short, pleated kilt (sndy-t) and his belt-buckle bears an engraved cartouche with his name. Intricate curly hair, according to some scholars, or a blue military crown, according to others, adorns his head. He also wears the characteristic double-finialled crown of the Nubian pharaohs, while three plastic ram's heads hang from a cord around his neck. The ram was the sacred animal and symbol of Ammon-Ra, the patron god of Nubian pharaohs. This was probably a votive statuette, dedicated by Shabako to an Egyptian or Nubian sanctuary. It was donated to the museum by Ioannis Dimitriou.

Exhibit Features
Dimensions: height: 0,16 m
Material: Copper
Inventory number: ΑΙΓ.632
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 40 (showcase XLII)
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Other views
Back view of the statuette
Detail from the upper part of the statuette