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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Front view of the group with Ramses II
Part of a group with Ramses II

This fragmentary statue, which probably represents Ramses II, belonged to a group. The pharaoh's head and upper torso are preserved. His identifying cartouche is engraved on his left forearm. He wears the characteristic head-dress (nms) which reaches his chest at the front. The mature facial characteristics are rendered naturalistically: a full, round face with high cheek-bones, almond-shaped eyes with heavy lids and eyebrows, a large mouth, long, wide nose and rounded chin. The hand of a second figure, which stood to the pharaoh's right, rests on his back. The date of this statue is uncertain, since many statues of Ramses II were made either during his reign or those of his successors. The statue was donated by Alexandros Rostovitch.

Exhibit Features
Dimensions: height: 0,235 m
Inventory number: Λ36
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall (showcase XXX)
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