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The Egyptian and Near Eastern Antiquities Collection

Front view of the statue
Part of the statue of a Pharaoh

This upper part of the statue of a pharaoh is a characteristic example of the art of the Old Kingdom. The man has a round, full face, with large almond-shaped eyes, accentuated with long decorative lines in low relief, a long, wide nose and a large mouth, with a faint smile. His head-dress is decorated with horizontal folds at the edges along the chest. A hole at the middle of the head-dress' relief band once held a metal finial. Two more holes under the chin were used to attach a false, ceremonial beard. His broad shoulders and well-toned body are treated with rounded volumes. This statue, which reflects the simple, elegant style of the calm, solemn figures of the Fourth Dynasty, may be one of the many representations of the Pharaoh Chephren in alabaster. It was donated by Alexandros Rostovitch.

Exhibit Features
Dimensions: height: 0,325 m
Material: alabaster
Inventory number: Λ120
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 41 (showcase III)
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