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On the left, goddess Demeter stands, who delivers to the hero Triptolemos(middle) the sacred grains under the blessing of Persephone (right)
Big Eleusinian relief

This large relief is the best-known representation of the Eleusinian deities, here depicted in a scene of mystic ritual. The goddess Demeter, a scepter in her hand, gives the hero Triptolemos the sacred ears of wheat to bestow on mankind. The young hero stands naked, holding a himation in his left hand, while receiving Demeter΄s gift, which was made of a different material, with his right. Demeter΄s daughter, Persephone, stands behind him, blessing him with her right hand and holding a torch in her left. This scene intends to convey the solemnity of the Mystery religion. The relief΄s rather austere, conservative style points to an Attic workshop. The magnificent representation and, particularly, the large scale of the work suggest that it was not a votive, but rather a cult relief. It was copied already in Roman times.

Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, 440 - 430 B.C.
Place of discovery: Elefsina, Eleusina
Dimensions: width: 1,52 m, height: 2,20 m
Material: pentelic marble
Inventory number: 126
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 15
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