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Front, entire view of kore Frasikleia

This is one of the finest examples of an Archaic kore (maiden). It is in very good condition and with much of the original painted decoration preserved. It is the funerary statue of maiden, whose name, Phrasikleia, is inscribed on the pedestal along with that of the sculptor, Aristion from Paros. She stands frontally, her slim and youthful body clad in a long chiton, decorated with incised and painted motifs. She draws up the side of the chiton with her right hand, while she holds a lotus bud near her chest with her left. A blossoming wreath adorns her intricate hairdo and precious jewelry decorates her head and arms. This statue was buried together with a kouros (naked youth) statue in antiquity.

Exhibit Features
Date: Archaic period, 540 B.C.
Place of discovery: Attica, Attica, Merenda (ancient Myrrinous), Mesogeia
Dimensions: length: 0,58 m (base), width: 0,57 m (base), height: 2,115 m, base height: 0,26 m
Material: parian marble
Inventory number: 4889
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 11
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