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Front view of the group
Group of Aphrodite, Pan and Eros

This is one of the best known and most characteristic representations of the goddess Aphrodite assaulted by the goat-legged Pan. The group stands on its original square base, which bears a votive inscription. The naked goddess attends to hide her putenda, while threatening to strike Pan with her sandal. Little Eros hovers over her shoulder, playfully seizing Pan΄s horn in an attempt to help his mother ward off the annoying creature. This lighthearted and picturesque theme places the composition in the so-called Hellenistic «Rococo style›. Aphrodite΄s hairstyle and the anatomy of the three figures are meticulously rendered, while the final polishing of the marble makes the surface wonderfully smooth. This group was probably made in Attica, although the possibility of a Delian workshop cannot be overruled.

Inscription:   Διονύσιος Zήνωνος του Θεοδώρου / Bηρύττιος, ευεργέτης, υπέρ εαυτου / καί των τέκνων, θεοις πατρώοις (translation: Dionysios, son of Zenon of Theodoros, from Beirut, benefactor, dedicated (the statue), in favour of himself and of his children, to the acestral gods
Exhibit Features
Date: Hellenistic period, 100 B.C.
Place of discovery: Delos, Delos, House of the Poseidoniastai
Dimensions: length: 0,55 μ. (base), height: 1,29 m, base height: 0,125 m
Material: parian marble
Inventory number: Γ. 3335
Exhibition hole: Exhibition hall 30
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Other views
Detail from the upper part of the group