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The permanent exhibition of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Golden ring with goddess ang griffin representation
Signet ring representing a goddess and griffin

This tiny signet ring is representative of the fine craftsmanship of Minoan goldsmiths. It has a semi-circular ring and circular bezel decorated with two figures. The larger figure is a griffin shown in « flying gallop », his body thrust towards the left and upwards. He has open wings, a slender body and a long hooked beak. At the right is a standing female figure, possibly a deity, hovering behind the griffin with both her arms outstretched. She wears the characteristic Minoan dress, slightly shorter than usual, and appears to be leading the animal. This scene is quite common in Minoan art and may in fact represent a chariot in a condensed, abstract manner. The ring was probably a grave gift from a tomb in the upper floor of Tholos tomb B at Archanes.

Exhibit Features
Date: Late Bronze Age, 1450 - 1400 BC
Place of discovery: Archanes, Phourni necropolis
Dimensions: diameter: 0,01 m
Material: Gold
Inventory number: ΑΕ 1017
Exhibition hole: Hall VI
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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