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The permanent exhibition of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

The "Cup of the Report"

This so-called « Cup of the Report » or « of the Chieftain », is one of the few stone vessels discovered in the Neopalatial mansion at Agia Triada. It has a splayed base, a low foot decorated with seven relief bands and a conical body, divided by two vertical relief bands into two panels. The main scene on it depicts two young men standing facing one another. One of them, a princely figure with long hair, a loin-cloth, high boots and a necklace, is shown in ceremonial stance, holding a scepter in his right hand. In front of him stands a young official with short hair and crested ornament on his head. The youth also wears a loin-cloth and tall boots and holds a sword at his shoulder, evidently making a report. The two men are elegant in rendering and convey inner tension. On the back are three more figures, probably attendants, carrying animal skins, which the young official presents to his prince.

Exhibit Features
Date: Late Bronze Age, 1550 -1500 BC
Place of discovery: Agia Triada, Royal villa
Dimensions: height: 0,465 m
Material: Black Steatite
Inventory number: ΑΕ 341
Usage: Ritual
Exhibition hole: Hall VII
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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