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The permanent exhibition of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Rhyton of the marine style with starfish representation
Marine Style rhyton with representation of a starfish

This ceremonial vessel is a typical example of the Marine Style, clearly reflecting the naturalism which prevailed in Minoan art during the Neopalatial period. It has an elongated conical body separated from the neck by a plastic ring and a pointed bottom with a hole for libations. The neck develops into a broad rim which has a small cylindrical handle attached to it. The painted decoration covers the entire surface of the vase. It represents a marinescape dominated by a fifteen-legged, rather stylized, starfish. Around the starfish are corals and nautilus shells with sprawling projections and tentacles, which give a particular sense of movement to the composition. Below these are dark-coloured rocks. The vase is restored from many fragments.

Exhibit Features
Date: Late Bronze Age, about 1500 BC
Place of discovery: Zakros, palace
Dimensions: height: 0,33 m
Material: Clay
Inventory number: ΑΕ 13985
Usage: Ritual
Exhibition hole: Hall VIII
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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