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The permanent exhibition of the Heraklion Archaeological Museum

Funerary pithos

This large vase contained the ashes of a deceased person. Its entire surface is covered with bands of densely painted geometric motifs. Below the handles are two characteristic female figures wearing cylindrical hats and raising their arms in a gesture reminiscent of the well-known Cretan goddess. Their naturalistic heads contrast with the abstract treatment of their bodies, where the torso is rendered by a triangle and the skirt by a simple rectangle. This vase along with an Attic-style amphora from Fortetsa are the only examples of pottery of the Protogeometric II period (850-820 BC) with representations of humans.

Exhibit Features
Date: Early Historical Period, 850-820 BC
Place of discovery: Knosos, Fortetsa necropolis
Material: Clay
Inventory number: ΜΗ 12433
Usage: Storage
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture