Industrial monuments and workshops
Mesagros Bakery (Mesagros)
Industrial building
Bell metal craft industry in Emporio (Symi)
Buildings of the Installations of Copais Company (Aliartos)
Charoupomelos Panormou (Panormo)
Gazi (Gaz) Factory Workshops (Athens)
Municipal Leros Buy (Leros)
Poulopoulos Old Hat-Factory (Athens)
Olive press
Oil- press and "Cella"of the Church at Asklepeio (Rhodes)
Oil-Press at Agia Paraskevi (Agia Paraskevi)
Oil-press at panochori, Lefkas (Spanochori)
Traditional oil-press at Kaminarata (Paliki)
Oil- press and "Cella"of the Church at Asklepeio (Rhodes)
Warehouses of ... at Kiato (Kiato)
Watermill at Agnanta, Arta (Agnanta)
Watermill at Kalloni, Kypseli (Kalloni Kypselis)
Watermill at Katarraktis, Arta (Katarraktis)
Watermill Grabia (Katarraktis)
The windmills of Lasithi (at Lasithi plateau) (Seli Ampelou)
Watermill (stone bridge) at Samonida, Souli (Samonida Souliou)
Windmill of Perama, Geras (Geras)
Windmill Sokari (Municipality of Pylaros)
Windmills at Elounda (Elounda)