Sanctuary of the Great Gods
View from the Southeast of the actual state of the Rotunda of Arsinoe II (288-270 B.C.). The remains of the Orthostate Structure (2nd quarter of the 4th c. B.C.) are visible within the periphery of the foundations
Part of the sculptured marble frieze from the Hall of Choral Dancers (ca. 340 B.C.)
Part of the dedicatory inscription on the architrave of the Rotunda of Arsinoe II (288-270 B.C.).
Rotunda of Arsinoe II (288-270 B.C.); reconstructed part of the interior stoa
Anta capital from the western porch of the Propylon of Ptolemy II (285-281 B.C.) with a relief presentation of griffins devouring a stag.
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