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Struggle with time

(21 October 2015 - 27 March 2016)

Invitation to the exhibition
On the occasion of its twentieth anniversary (1994-2014), the Museum of Byzantine has prepared an interactive exhibition, which presents the work of the conservation workshops of the Museum of Byzantine Culture. The display includes authentic exhibits, either preserved or being under conservation, materials, tools and conservation instruments, multimedia (light boxes, video projections etc), visual material (graphic compositions, photographs, designs) The exhibition also sheds light on the science of conservation and its methodology, integrating thus the individual project into a more general one. Addressed to both general and specialized public, this temporary exhibition seeks to promote the unseen side of the Museum and, more specifically, to illuminate the meticulous, highly demanding and difficult work of the conservation of antiquities and artworks. The exhibition will be accompanied by parallel events, seminars, lectures, guided tours, educational programs etc.

On the floor, among other things, a movie will be shown titled The return (with english subtitles). This film is a production of the Museum and it was made on the occasion of the celebration of its twenty years (2014). Alongside this, in the last part of the exhibit, the visitor will have the opportunity to go through publications on the science of conservation in general, on the work of the Museums conservation workshops and, of course, on the Museums temporary exhibitions and its collaborations with other institutions.

The exhibition will be accompanied by a scientific catalogue (in Greek and in English). Eminent scientists have been asked to contribute in the catalogue with their essays.
A. Tsilipakou, Director

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