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The dynasties of the Byzantine emperors

Gold coin of Theofilos
This exhibit deals with the succession of the emperors and with Byzantine imperial dynasties from Heraclius (610-641) to the Palaiologues (1261-1453). The dynasties are presented through a wealth of information panels and original material such as manuscripts, mosaics, minor objects and coins - the medium par excellence for the expression of imperial ideology.

The exhibition, which occupies the museum's fifth room, follows a chronological order by imperial dynasties.
D. Nalpantis, archaeologist

Exhibition Units
- Hoards and hoarding
This unit presents several gold, silver and bronze coin hoards, which were amassed and hidden during periods of economic or political crisis. They are of special interest to historians and numismatists.
- Imperial activities
The inscription referring to the repairs of the Thessaloniki city walls during the reign of emperors Leo VI and Alexander is of great interest, since it illustrates the phenomenon of co-emperors, which ensured the royal succession of members of the same family.
Other Photographs of the exhibition
Treasure of gold coins.