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The Demetrios Oikonomopoulos Collection

Christ Pantocrator
The Demetrios Oikonomopoulos collection comprises mainly icons, but also pottery, coins, ecclesiastical objects and documents, which span the entire Byzantine and Post-Byzantine period.

Demetrios Oikonomopoulos (1907-1986), a chemical engineer, began collecting very early and was primarily interested in works of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art. His wish was to donate his collection to the city of Thessaloniki, which preserves the vivid remnants of its Byzantine past. This wish was materialized by his wife, Anastasia Zamidou-Oikonomopoulou, in 1987, and the collection was donated to the new museum while it was still in the planning stages.

Only a small part of the collection, which comprises one thousand four hundred and sixty objects, is displayed. Emphasis is given to those objects which are representative of their category and demonstrate the collector's motives and taste.
D. Nalpantis, archaeologist

Exhibition Units
- Wooden icons
The icons, which constitute the larger part of the collection, represent almost all of the painting schools from the end of the fourteenth to the nineteenth century. They are grouped by theme, allowing the visitor to follow the development of a subject in time and to appreciate its interpretation and rendering by different painting schools. The sixteenth and seventeenth century icons are especially noteworthy, particularly those of the Christ Pantokrator, St Matron and St Athanassios; the eighteenth century triptychs are also outstanding.
- Coins, ecclesiastical objects and documents
Representative objects of each category were chosen for display. The coins are mostly Byzantine, but include one Roman (first century AD) and several Venetian coins of the thirteenth to seventeenth centuries. Other important exhibits are the sixth and seventh century bronze lamps, the twelfth to sixteenth century ceramics, and the metal crosses and reliquaries dating from the sixth to nineteenth centuries.
Other Photographs of the exhibition
Oil lamp made of copper.
Oil lamp made of copper.
Triptych with Zowodoxo Pigi, BEI 0171
Hall of the Demetrios Oikonomopoulos collection.
Agios Athanasios.
Agia Matrona.