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The permanent exhibition of the Numismatic Museum

Silver athenean decadrachm with Athena head
Athenian decadrachm

A rare example of the Athenian mint of the Classical period. The head of the goddess Athena turned towards the right is depicted on the obverse, while her symbol, an owl with open wings depicted frontally, occupies the reverse. An olive branch, another symbol of both the goddess and of her city, and the letters AΘE, surround the owl. These stamped, heavy silver decadrachms of about 43 grams, were minted only during the fifth century BC. They probably appeared during the 460's BC, when the Athenians under Kimon's leadership fought and won an important battle at the river Eurymedon in Persia, thereby acquiring much plunder. This coin, one of the most important exhibits of the Numismatic Museum, came from an anonymous donour.

Inscription:   Oπ.: A Θ E
Exhibit Features
Date: Classical period, about 465 BC
Dimensions: diameter: 0,0325 m, weight: 0,043 klg
Material: silver
Inventory number: 130/1999
Exhibition hole: 1st floor - Hall VI (periodical exhibition)
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Mythological / Historic Persons
  Suggestive Bibliography
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Silver athenean decadrachm with representation of an owl