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From Iconoclasm to the splendour of the Macedonian and Comnene dynasties

Gold bracelets with cloisonne enamel decoration

These unique cast and hammered gold bracelets with cloisonn? enameled decoration are from Thessaloniki. Shaped like truncated cones, they each consist of two hinged plaques divided by vertical and horizontal bands with granulated decoration into rectangular panels, ten for each plaque. These panels are filled with cloisonn? enamel representations of birds, rosettes and palmettes. Intricate filigree braids adorn the upper and lower edges. Bracelets were part of the official costume of the women of the Byzantine court. These were part of a hoard of precious jewelry, which probably belonged to a rich Byzantine aristocrat.

Exhibit Features
Date: Middle Byzantine period, 9th - 10th century AC
Place of discovery: Thessaloniki, Dodikanisou Street
Dimensions: height: 0,057 m, diameter: 0,075 m
Material: Gold, Enamel
Inventory number: ΒΚΟ 262/6
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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