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From Iconoclasm to the splendour of the Macedonian and Comnene dynasties

Bronze icon of St Nicolas
Icon of Saint Nicholas

This small icon represents Saint Nicholas standing, flanked by the busts of Christ and the Virgin who present him with a Gospel and an omophorion (band of brocade worn by bishops around the neck; pallium). The icon's owner or donor is depicted prostrated at the saint's feet. The main scene is framed by a band of tendrils containing ten medallions with the busts of the archangels Gabriel and Michael, the fathers of the Church and of healing saints, identified by corresponding inscriptions. This small cast icon with engraved details probably imitates larger works of art, mosaic panels or portable icons, and was either donated to a church or used for private worship.

Inscription:   (C) (C), (C) (C) (CCC), (C) (C) (C), (C) C(C), (C) (), (C) ()C, (C) (C) [O (C) ]C[C]
Exhibit Features
Date: Middle Byzantine period, 11th century AC
Place of discovery: Thessaloniki
Dimensions: width: 0,09 m, height: 0,11 m
Material: Copper
Inventory number: 2
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture