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From Iconoclasm to the splendour of the Macedonian and Comnene dynasties

Gold ear-rings

This pair of gold earrings was part of a Middle Byzantine jewelry hoard. They each consist of a cast gold band with granulated decoration and a triple row of pearls along the lower side. Each pearl is fixed on a tiny gold rod with spherical ending. A badly preserved single row of pearls adorned the band's interior. Painted representations of this common type of Middle Byzantine earring illustrate the way that these were worn: either around the ear and lobe without piercing it, or horizontally over the upper part of the auricle.

Exhibit Features
Date: Middle Byzantine period, 10th - 14th century AC
Place of discovery: Thessaloniki, Dodekanisou Street
Dimensions: diameter: 0,04 m
Material: Gold, Pearl
Inventory number: ΒΚο 262/1
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
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