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The twilight of Byzantium: 1204-1453

Gold-embroidered epitaphios of Thessaloniki
The Thessaloniki epitaphios

This superb epitaphios is a characteristic example of the art of gold embroidery during the Palaiologues. The gold-embroidered silk liturgical cloth is entirely preserved and in good condition. A band of circumscribed crosses frames the central rectangular panel, which is divided into three scenes: the Lamentation with Christ lying on a shroud surrounded by the Heavenly Forces (angels, cherubim, seraphim, tetramorphs) and the symbols of the Evangelists is in the centre; to the left, the Holy Communion; and to the right, the Holy Transmission*. The lateral scenes depict the Christ surrounded by angels offering his flesh and blood to a group of six apostles. The monumentality of the composition and precision in the execution connect the scenes in this epitaphios to monumental painting.

Exhibit Features
Date: Late Byzantine period, 1300 AC
Place of discovery: Thessaloniki
Dimensions: length: 2.00 m, width: 0.70 m
Material: silver, Gold, Silk
Inventory number: 57
Copyright: Hellenic Ministry of Culture
  Suggestive Bibliography
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